Responsible Gambling

Do you find it challenging to control your stakes at online casinos? MelBet is here to help regulate your expenses or stakes. MelBet support team is full of trained professionals who can easily detect problem gambling to help you mitigate your addiction and manage your gambling activities.

MelBet will help you set limits on your account. MelBet understands that you may get carried away with the thrills of betting, making you unable to regulate your spending. As such, MelBet will ensure you don’t spend beyond your staking power.

Tips to control and reduce overspending risk

MelBet experts recommend the following tips for you to mitigate the risk of excessive spending beyond your power.

  • Play for fun and not see MelBet as a get-rich-quick platform. Don’t see MelBet as an income-generating platform.
  • Don’t play any game unless you have set a limit for yourself.
  • Estimate the affordable amount you are ready to lose.
  • Avoid playing games with the lost money.
  • Ensure you are not overwhelmed with the thrills of gambling.

Some people believe you can become a betting addict, leading to a problem. Answer the following questions to understand where you are headed in betting.

  • Do you find yourself where you want to play beyond interests and gambling?
  • Do you think you can escape boredom by placing bets?
  • Do you have depression or feel lost if you lose a wager?
  • Do you prefer wagering on bets to spending on your needs?
  • Is betting drawing you off from your friends?
  • Do you want to recoup your losses?
  • Do you feel disappointed that you want to spend more time betting?

Organizations to help solve gambling problems

If yes is your answer to the above, you’re closer to having these issues. Therefore, trained advisors can help you out of this situation. Contact any of these organizations:

  • Gamblers Anonymous: This organization assists those with betting problems.
  • Responsible Gaming Foundation: This group, since 2014, has been offering support to individuals and other entities with betting problems.
  • Gambling Treatment Advice: This group offers support to bettors who find it difficult to regulate their betting interests
  • GamCare: This top information provider group for bettors offers support and advice on excessive betting issues.

Measures to prevent gambling problems

MelBet offers exclusive measures for keeping your betting under control to prevent likely problems:

  • Set your limits. Like all other gamers, you have full authority over your account. MelBet encourages you to set a limit right from the onset to keep your spending under control. As such, users can enjoy the thrills of MelBet games.
  • Self-exclusion. If you need a break from betting or you think you can’t control the urge to bet, MelBet’s self-exclusion option can help you adjust your preferences.

MelBet restricts underage betting. If you are not 18 and above, you cannot create an account on MelBet. One of MelBet’s priorities is to help you and your children stay safe, or any other person who loves online betting. The MelBet support team will put you through if you have questions.

Responsible Gaming FAQ

Can I put a limit on my deposits?

Yes. Setting limits on your account is allowed. Log in, go to deposit options, and set your preferred limit.

Can I use the self-exclusion option?

Yes. Excluding yourself from betting is the primary point of this option and it is available anytime. However, you can only bet again depending on your self-exclusion longevity.