Melbet Affiliate Programme

The popularity of online betting has soared massively in the past decade. With more countries opening up to the idea of legalization and technology advancing rapidly by the minute, the gambling industry has grown to become one of the biggest in the world. But behind the scenes, there are key factors that have played a major role in this growth trend. Affiliate marketing is one of them.

Online betting platforms like Melbet now partner with website managers, tipsters, and social media specialists to help promote their brand in exchange for payments. The best thing about it all is that you too, can join the Melbet affiliate program and start earning some cool bucks. Don’t know where to start? Worry not, as this guide will put you on the right path to becoming a Melbet affiliate.

How Does Melbet Affiliate Work

Melbet affiliate program is like any other in the online betting sphere. Webmasters, popular tipsters, and media influencers enter an agreement with the bookmaker to help them promote their brand in exchange for payments. These payments can come in the form of revenue share(RevShare) or a CPA Model.

So, do you have a blog or website that attracts lots of bettors? Or a social media channel or page where you share lots of tips and have people’s trust? You can join the Melbet Affiliate Program and get rewarded whenever your followers play. That’s all you need to start because Melbet doesn’t charge any fees to become an affiliate partner.

Once Melbet accepts your application, you’ll be able to access your account, where you can see your stats, earnings, and promo code. You’ll also be given a personal affiliate link, which you’ll share with your followers. If they use your link to register a Melbet account or enter your promo code during the registration stage, that bettor’s account becomes tied to you.

With the RevShare payment model, you get a percentage of any revenue that Melbet makes on that player. This revenue is generated when the player loses their bet, so every time a player’s wager goes south, you get paid a percentage of the losses. The base percentage is 25% but can increase up to 50% with the more traffic you generate. If you however feel your traffic is too significant to start at the initial 25%, you can contact the affiliate manager and negotiate for something higher.

With the Cost per Acquisition(CPA) fixed model, you get paid a fixed percentage of your referral’s first deposit on Melbet. This percentage varies based on the region, and you’ll need to confirm with the affiliate manager first.

There’s also the sub-affliate payment model, which rewards you even if you didn’t directly refer the player. With this model, you’re basically referring another affiliate and getting paid a percentage of their total total profits. It comes with a fixed 3% percentage. You can have multiple affiliates under you and earn rewards from their referrals.

Whichever model you choose to proceed with, know that you won’t be doing it alone, as Melbet offers a great deal of support to its affiliates. For one, you get 24/7 customer support and a manager who’s ready to give suggestions or solve issues at any time. You’re also provided with a great range of marketing materials, including personalized banners and interactive ve landing pages. Plus, a reliable statistics system where you can track your progress and see which of your pages, posts, and links are attracting more traffic.

How To Start Earning

Melbet has made its affiliate program very easy to join. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to pay anything to register an account. Also, it’s worth noting that currently, dozens of countries, including India and Bangladesh, can join the Melbet affiliate programme. However, only two countries in Africa —Nigeria and Ghana— are allowed. Here’s how you can get started.

  • Register an account: You can search for the Melbet affiliate program online or click this link to get started.
  • Enter your details: Now choose a username and password, fill in your website URL, email, and address, and confirm your country and currency. Then agree to the terms and conditions before clicking Register. Wait for your account to be accepted; you’ll receive a confirmation email from Melbet.
  • Choose your style: Generate your banner, choose a promo code, and add affiliate links. You can customize each to fit your website, media page, or brand.
  • Start sharing: Share your links and promo codes online through posts, articles, reviews, newsletters, and more. Once a player registers with your link or promo code and starts depositing and playing, you start earning.
  • Collect your rewards: You can withdraw your earnings every Tuesday as long as you have more than $30 in your account. Melbet offers multiple payment methods ranging from bank transfers to cards and e-wallets.

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